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Winning Lifestyle Product Photography Guideline

Taking the best lifestyle product pictures that can do wonders for your sales is somewhat tricky. You must do it correctly if you want the best outcome possible. So, what is the guideline for perfect lifestyle product photography?

Research and learn about the product you are shooting. Set up a good background using the right props and ensure the best lighting at the right shooting angle. Lastly, edit pictures with the correct color gradient. 

Knowing the target customer to connect the product with them is also essential. You should analyze the market properly to get the best outcome possible.

Who doesn’t want their product to reach potential customers in the right way, right? The best way to tell a customer about the product is by narrating a story through lifestyle product photography. And for that, you can take help from any expert lifestyle product photographer.

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What Is Lifestyle Product Photography?

Lifestyle product photography involves showcasing your product in a real-life scenario to the customers. It will help you to tell a story about your product. Potential customers will be able to understand the product better and feel a connection towards the product. 

This type of photo is much better than pictures taken of the product in front of a plain background. Through these engaging photographs, potential customers will turn into item buyers. So, lifestyle product photos help increase conversion and boost your sales.

9 Tips To Shoot Outstanding Lifestyle Product Photos

There are a few tips that you can follow to make your lifestyle product photos stand out and look fantastic. It will help you to sell your products much faster and easier.

  1. Research The Product

The first thing to do before taking a lifestyle picture of the product is to research it. You should know the product and why someone would want to buy the unit. 

Knowing about the product or the brand, you will learn what will evoke the customer’s feelings to like and purchase your item. So it will help you understand what type of lifestyle picture will work best for the particular product.

  1. Choose The Perfect Location To Shoot

Creating a believable background to shoot a product’s lifestyle pictures can be tricky and costly. So, to shoot the lifestyle photo, you should select a location that will go with the product type. 

For example, while selling sports shoes, keep a field or a stadium in the background while clicking the lifestyle photograph. If you want to take a picture of a pet food, keep a pet standing or lying in the environment to make the view beautiful and lively.

  1. Analyze The Market

You can find out who your target customer is by analyzing the market. Find out your target age group and gender to sell the products. This will help you better understand what lifestyle picture will be perfect for your product.

If you are trying to sell a baby product, depict reliability and safety through the picture, as parents always want their babies to be safe and healthy. Then again, if you are taking a lifestyle photograph for fitness enthusiasts, show how beneficial it is and the number of calories it contains through the picture. 

  1. Use The Right Props

You must use the right props to shoot high-quality, compelling lifestyle product photos. Only use props relevant to the product, and make the background relaxed. 

Suppose you are trying to sell sunscreen; then you can use a beach mat or a touring bag as props. But you should not add too many props to the picture. Please keep it simple. Make the background relevant to the prop to make the photo tell a story to the customers.

  1. Play With Color Psychology

Color is one of the most important factors when taking lifestyle product photos. Different shades of colors have various significance. Some of them can affect human behavior and emotion.

You can attract your potential buyer’s attention by using a color that goes well with your product while taking the picture. Your product will also stand out while advertisements if you can properly play with color psychology.

  1. Ensure Best Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role in taking high-quality and noticeable lifestyle product photos. It doesn’t act the same on all the items. As a result, you will have to ensure lighting according to your product’s type and color gradient. If your product has a dark color, you should make the surroundings brighter and vice versa. 

Then again, if you directly apply light on the object, the picture’s exposure will be too much. The sharpness of the image will also get reduced. So, it would be best to be careful while lighting your lifestyle photography studio.

  1. Set Up An Interesting Background
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It will not always be possible for you to go to a particular location to shoot lifestyle product pictures. In that case, choose a background that looks almost real and interesting. 

It would help if you did not take a picture of the products with a simple white background. This is because the item will not seem attractive enough for the customers to buy.

While choosing a background, make sure that the background’s color gradient and the product go well together. It would be best if you did not take a picture of a regular product in an upscale environment; keep it relevant.

  1. Select The Best Angle

Shoot the picture from the right angle to take the best view of a particular item. A Picture’s arc is one of the most critical parts of a good photo. 

To ensure that the products’ lifestyle picture stands out, you must figure out the best angle. Please do not place the product too left or too right in the frame; try to keep it in the center as much as possible.

  1. Edit The Pictures Properly

After taking the product’s photo, edit it to make it look perfect. That way, you can make it look flawless and polished, which will help you to sell the product to a wide range of customers faster.

Using reliable photo editing software to edit the lifestyle picture yourself is an option. You can also take help from an expert editor

Final Words

Taking a lifestyle photo of a product is somewhat tricky. You will have to do it in the right way to boost the sales of the item in a short time. It’s best to ensure that the picture will connect with the target customers while taking the picture. 

After reading this article, we hope you won’t have any difficulty regarding lifestyle product photography. Always take a picture with a great background and lighting. And hopefully, you can do it flawlessly. Have a blast with your lifestyle product shoot!