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Top 10 Ecommerce Products to Sell Today

ECommerce is the future of shopping. This is where the world’s population comes together to spend their money today. eCommerce websites like amazon, Shopify, Alibaba, Flipkart, eBay are the world’s leading bunch of websites. 

It is very easy nowadays to earn whatever amount of money you want just by selling simple products on these websites. You just need to have the right product. The best 10 trending ecommerce products right now are as follows.

1)Scented candles.

As winter is knocking on the doors, people are looking for scented candles to light up their living room or perhaps the bedrooms for a cozy vibe. You can either make your own scented candle from scratch by buying the raw materials or buying the stock. 

The raw materials for scented candles are wax, wax melters, digital scales, candle wax dyes, candle wicks, jars for wax, labels, and boxes for packaging.

Or if you buy a whole stock of them, each candle would cost around $10-$30 depending on the size and type.

gift box with a candle

2) Portable projector.

People nowadays love to watch movies with friends and families at home or sometimes while they travel. What they don’t want or dislike about this is carrying huge monitors or screens with themselves. 

For that, a portable projector comes in handy as it can fit in any corner of your bag and all it requires is an empty solid-colored wall for display. 

The price of each of these projectors is around $20-$40 depending on the brand and type of projector.

portable projector

3) Vegetable chopper.

Kitchen products are always on and will forever remain high in demand as they are technically the necessities for cooking. They are usually available at a very cheap price of around $2-$7 and are pretty useful too. 

What makes these pretty demandable is the fact that everyone wants to make the kitchen work as less of a hassle as possible.  These products are always getting sold out.

Vegetable chopper set

4) Consumer Electronics.

There are always some people from all around the world who are always looking for electronics to make their lives easier. And by some people, I mean a lot!

You just need to have the right product which is going to give them the solution to their problem. 

You can stock in blenders, microwave ovens, washing machines, fridges, LED TVs, coffee makers, or vacuum cleaners. These usually come with a wide range of different prices based on what you are selling.

Consumer Electronics

5) Footwear.

Almost everyone’s new year’s resolution is to get a new pair of shoes or sneakers. As winter is coming, people tend to buy leather boots and warmer shoes for the season and also something new for the after.

Stocking up on footwear right now will get you a lot of money in the upcoming months as they are coming in demand real quickly.

shoe photography with nature

6) Fashionable accessories.

Fashionable items like sunglasses, necklaces, and bracelets can also be your next venture as they are the cheapest and the most attractive-looking pieces a person may want to have! 

These are cheap to stock and can be sold with a high-profit margin. There is always some sort of accessories out there that are constantly on trend. 

ladies bag
ladies juyelary
payel and lipstick

7)Cosmetics or Beauty Products.

Women tend to be shopping online more than men and the most obvious things that they buy are beauty products. These have a different level of demand as they are always bought in multiples!

Nobody buys ONE lipstick or ONE nail polish, rather, they buy a few of them at one go. So every time you are selling these types of products, you are actually selling multiples at the same time. 

If you have brought in the right products, you will stock out before the end of the month for sure!

ladies makeup set

8)Toys and Games.

The world population just hit over 8 billion which means there are more children than ever before!

This is the perfect time for you to start selling kids’ products like toys and games. Perhaps this is not the only time toys and games are selling more than ever but they were always in demand just like kitchen products. 


9)Personal Hygiene Products.

Since the Covid pandemic, personal hygiene products are selling out daily. Even though the demand was a bit less during the past few months, it is rising again due to the always-there pandemic of pollution. 

This time people are more aware of the pollution than the pandemic itself ironically. But whatever they are aware of, you can take advantage and make your money right here!

brush . paste and , mouthwash

10)Seasonal Products.

Products like hoodies, jackets, shorts and plain t-shirts come in demand every time the season changes. That means, if you are living in tropical areas, you are more likely to experience all six seasons every year.

If that is the case then it means you will be able to sell six different kinds of clothing throughout the year if you are working according to the seasonal changes. 

If you are not living in a tropical area, you will still have a great change in demand whenever the season changes.

When it comes to selling on eCommerce, there is literally money here and there. You just have to make your way to get that money. But the trickiest part is that the money keeps changing its positions. By that I mean, the demand keeps changing!

You need to think and act fast in order to catch those moving cash that you desire. The products mentioned above are the trendiest and will stay in demand for a quite long time from now as they JUST got into demand. So do not lose your chance of grabbing the easy money!