how to find clients for product photography

How to Find Product Photography Clients in 5 Easy Steps

You are a photographer and you are looking for clients but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you have an idea of it but you’re not sure? Well, there are thousands of other sellers like you right now who are also going through this phase. 

Now We tell you some working steps on how to find clients for product photography?

We Before you start looking for clients, you have to figure out who your target customer is. 

  1. Finding target customers.

Ask yourself what type of business you would love to work with, what are their expectations from a photographer, and of course what their budget is.

If you do not understand or know who your target customer is, then take some time and brainstorm them out on a piece of paper. Most of the people and amateur photographers will tell you to start from anything and slowly find your taste. 

That process alone will take you ages to figure out your taste so it is better to go with your own flow.

Find out:

  • What companies you want to work with.
  • What type of photography you want to do.
  • Which industry is the easiest for you?
targeted audience finding

After finding your target customers, you will need a medium to approach them or let them approach you. For this, a website or portfolio will do the job.

  1. Have a portfolio.

Let it be LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or any other website on the internet. Having a portfolio is like having the real evidence to show off your skill sets and personalities. 

Present your sample work here and try to be unique as there is always a bigger fish.

How to have a unique portfolio?

  • Shoot from strange angles.
  • Present the product in random ways.
  • Come up with creative ideas.
  • Think out of the box while shooting the products.
product photography

After making a website or portfolio it is now time to go out there and find your clients. This could be by social media marketing or approaching clients by yourself one-to-one. 

  1. Scanning your local network.

This technique always works even if your network doesn’t have a business. Someone else could be looking for a product photographer and you may find him through your network

If you have a decent network of friends and families then you might be able to get your first client from here! This is a very traditional way of getting the first clients but it works.

  1. Using hashtags on Instagram.

Hashtags are a great way to find your potential product photography clients. The steps are also simple.

Go to Instagram’s search option and search for the type of product photography you specialize in. From there, you will find thousands of people looking for photographers. From there, you can filter out according to your convenience. 

Or, you can post sample photos to show your photography skills using the same hashtags. In this way, clients will automatically approach you. This process will be easier but it has no guarantee of 100% success all the time.

  1. Approach local companies and brands.

You will find many pages on Instagram (big and small) who are selling products and need a product photographer.

Approach them with your testimonials and CV and offer a unique service to them. For example, you can rate a certain charge for shooting and offer a bonus service of editing the photos for free. 

Usually, most of the photographers will be asking to work for free but their work will have no guarantee. If you charge a specific rate and offer something else in a bonus that will stand out differently from others.