Picture Perfect: Headshot Examples and Tricks of the Trade

Tips for Professional Headshot Photography with Examples

If you are a beginner level photographer, you are going to meet a lot of prospects and clients who would have requirements for professional headshot photography. 

Headshot photography is a type of photography that focuses on capturing a person’s upper part of the body or mostly the head and face in a photograph. 

When it comes to headshot photography, it is important for you to make sure that the shot stands out from the rest of the photos and conveys the personality of the subject overall. 

Retouching or editing a certain headshot can make them look even better but it is always preferred not to use black and white color grading as they can change the entire perspective of the picture. 

 They are typically used for professional purposes, such as on a resume or online profile, and are usually more formal and polished than candid or casual photographs. Here are a few tips for taking great headshots:

A model is sitting in a studio being photographed by a professional photographer.
  1. Find the right lighting: Good lighting is key to a successful headshot. Natural light is often the best choice. But for shooting indoors, look for a well lit room with plenty of windows. Avoid harsh shadows by positioning the subject so that the light is coming from the side or behind them. 
  1. Pay attention to the background: The background of a headshot should be simple and uncultured. A plain wall or a neutral coloured backdrop works as well. Avoid distracting patterns or busy backgrounds that will take the attention away from the subject’s face.
  1.  Use shallow depth of field: A shallow depth of field means that only a small part of the photograph is in focus, while the rest is blurry. This can be achieved by using a wide aperture(low f-stop number) on your camera. This technique helps to isolate the subject’s face and draw attention to it.
  1. Pay attention to composition: The composition of a headshot is important for creating a balanced and attractive photograph. Position the subject‘s head off center and use the rule of thirds to create visual interest. 
  1. Work with the project to relax and find their best angles: headshot photography is all about capturing the subject’s personality and character. 

Headshot Examples With Pose Tips

Here are a few headshot examples of professional photographs:

  1. A corporate headshot: This type of headshot is typically used for business purposes and is more formal and polished than a casual portrait. The subject is usually dressed in business attire and the background is simple and uncluttered. 
  1.  An acting headshot: Actors use headshots to promote themselves to casting directors and agents, These headshots should showcase the actor’s range and versatility, and may include a variety of poses and expressions. 
a man acting with smile face
  1. A social media headshot: many people use their headshots as their profile picture on social media platforms like LinkedIn and twitter. These headshots should be friendly and approachable, and give a sense of the subject’s personality. 
men and women headshot example poses for social media
  1. A personal branding headshot: This type of headshot is used by professionals to promote their personal brand. It should be cohesive with the branding and messaging, and convey their expertise and credibility in their field. 
a man looking something
  1. Speaker headshot: If you are shooting for a very influential person who provides value by using his voice on presentations and speeches, then you should probably go for this type of headshot. This would be an interesting shot because the speaker is in between a certain action so the photo will be livelier. 
A girl presenting the project
  1. Model headshot: This can also be said as model headshot photography as they both capture in a similar way. In this shot you should cover the head and shoulders mostly as that is the most important part of your photograph. 
woman profile headshot
  1. Editorial headshot: These types of images are unlike other types of headshots covering the heads and shoulders only rather they cover almost the whole body. 
men profile headshot

8) The vogue shot: In this type of shot, the subject is usually sitting or standing around props and creative backgrounds to make the shot look more momental. This adds more personality and adds the context of what the photograph is about. 

man setting in a chair

9) Business headshot: Whether it may be a business owner or an employee, business headshots are very valuable for a person’s LinkedIn profile as job recruiters will be able to get a glance of the person. The type of business will determine the angle and how formal the headshot would be like.

a man gives a professional headshot look

10) Dating headshot: If you are serious about finding a match on a dating app, instead of following the traditional social pictures try using professional dating headshots. These are way more attractive and sets you apart from everybody else. They always work the best! 

dating headshot pose

While most people are gonna use headshots for mostly business and commercial purposes, you can build your own blogging page out of just portraying different types of people and what they do and tell their story on your page. In this way you can gain a lot more publications and the overall ROI will be greater.