importance of product photography

Importance of Product Photography in Ecommerce

E Commerce is now the most trending and easiest way to make money online from any corner of the world. But as the customers are not physically seeing the photos of what they are purchasing, it is vital for sellers to photograph the products and use them for promotions. 

Why is product photography important in E-Commerce?

If you are a seller, you may know that the photos that you use for promoting products are one of the most important parts of selling. Your choice of photos decides whether you are going to make conversions or not. 

If you are trying your hands as a photographer, this niche could be your ultimate jackpot for getting clients. All you need to know is the types of product photography out there and the importance of product photography. 

Types of product photography and their benefits.

Boy and girl taking pictures with camera
  1. Lifestyle photography. This is as basic as it sounds. You have to photoshoot a product with a model. You can place the model in front of a solid colored background and take photos at different angles. You can shoot photos while the model is in action. For example, photoshooting sneakers while someone is running while wearing them. 

This type of photography is catchy as people tend to spend more attention span over products which are visually represented by another human. It is just basic human psychology that attracts another human attention that you can take advantage of

Capturing 360 degree product images in the studio
  1. 360^ photography. In this technique, you are capturing the photo from all the angles. Set the product on a turntable, adjust the lighting, camera angles and backgrounds. Now move the table bit by bit as you take pictures. Using a free software from Google, convert the photos into a 360^ photo and you are good to go. 

This type of photography provides the customers with a visual presentation of what their product will actually look like and hence conversion rates will be higher. 

A woman is standing in a fashion pose
  1. Fashion Photography. This type of photography is the most common as they are readily done everywhere. Photographing different types of outfits or sneakers or any product with or without a model.

Fashion photographers take photos from all angles and times to bring out the most out of a product. This is done so that the customers who are willing to buy the products are able to visualize how it would fit their lifestyle. 

A woman stands in front of a house or old building.
  1. Architectural Photography. Suppose you are a property agent or a developer. What do you need in order to maximize your customer turnover? It is complete house tour photos. Nowadays, this is replaced by 360^ photography of the entire house but you can do it better by capturing every side of the house with props and furniture. 

When potential customers are able to see the details that you are providing in the pictures, it subconsciously catches their attention and makes your deal stand out from the rest of the agents.

When choosing a photographer for your business, it is important to know what you are selling and if the photographer signifies in your business. This can be done by looking at their past experiences. All photographers are not equal and cannot be equal either. 

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