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Best Studios for Fashion Photography in Uk

Almost all the fashionable clothes and outfits that you have and wear, wouldn’t be there without the help of studio fashion photography. Most of us have a clear idea of what fashion photography is. In simple words, fashion photography is used to sell you outfits and wearables via photoshoot.

When it comes to the different types, fashion photography has four types. 

All these different types have different purposes but with one thing in common that is to sell!

Catalog Photography.

One of the simplest yet delegated types of photography is this one. It doesn’t require any fashion models but the product itself!

You can simply lay down the products on a flat table and shoot from the top, use a hanger to hang the outfit with a white background or use a mannequin for the outfit with a white background and complete the photoshoot.

High Fashion Photography.

Fashion photographs that you often see in the magazines covers are based on this type. Usually, well known models are present with the outfits for the photoshoot.

Street Fashion Photography.

This involves the different kinds of wearables combined into one single outfit that makes you look good. This is more demanding than high fashion photography because they are the most attractive. 

Editorial Fashion Photography.

In this type of fashion photography, there are a lot of contexts behind the photograph itself. You will find these types of photography mostly in newspapers and journals. This technique is used to tell a story by portraying it in the photos making someone buy the outfit based on that story.

All these photography requires you an ideal studio for photo shooting. There are a lot of different kinds of studios based on your budget and everything. But there are a few best studios for you if you are based in the UK.

Best Fashion Photography Studios in UK

1) UniQ Studios

With 10 years plus in this business, UniQ Studios situated in London comes with a lot of recognition from the famous brands from all over the world like Calvin Klein, Sony Music, G-SHOCK, CASIO and many more! 

They come with a pretty reasonable pricing starting from 7 pounds per image which can extend up to 50 pounds. For Ecommerce photography they charge 150 pounds per hour or 600 pounds for 8 hours.

UniQ Studios font view

2) The Gallery SW3

Located on the heart of Chelsea’s The King Road, has different policies like paying a refundable booking deposit but what makes it worth investing is the amount of time they give. A minimum of 6 hours is asked for a complete photoshoot depending on the type of product which may extend it more.

Pricing for this studio will be similar to UniQ Studio’s as both of them are top tier!

drawing room view for photoshoot

3) Cliik Studios

This studio has also been running for the past 10 years located in Manchester provides different kinds of photography like Ecommerce photography, Model Photography, Product photography and of course Fashion photography. They are also well recognised by international brands like McDonald’s, BBC, SIEMENS, GUINESS, etc.

lighting background

4) GQ Studios

Technically younger than the other studios GQ Studios comes with an age of 7 plus years into this business located also in Manchester comes with much reasonable pricing of 10 pounds including vat per product!

They provide a lot of facilities including 360 spin photography, virtual model shoot ghost mannequin photography, jewellery photography, etc.

5) Arch Photo Studio

With 3 years of running the business, Arch Photo Studio located in London offers product photography, portrait photography and Ecommerce fashion photography.

For commercial photography, the rates are 75 pounds per hour depending on size of business. For portrait photography, there are different packages starting from 120 pounds rising up to 500 pounds. This includes different time durations too.

Photoshoot moment at studio

6) Manchester Photography Studio

With the name said, this studio is also located in Manchester breathing for the last 7 years. They are here to provide different varieties of services like Model Ecommerce Photography, Ghost Mannequin Photography, Fashion photography and Corporate Headshots Photography.

They have clients from all over the world like PUMA, ADIDAS, LIPSY,AMG PETRONAS MOTORSPORT, Silk Fred, etc. With a trust score of 9.3 by trustpilot they are one of the most friendly and well timeframe maintained studio in the business out there.

7) Capture Factory Photography

This studio, with an age of 7 years and counting, is located in Brighton. They offer services including product photography, editorial photography, Ecommerce model photography, flat lay photography, ghost mannequin photography and lifestyle photography. 

You can hire their 700 sq ft fully open floor studio and rent the different equipment at different prices if you need to, following a different rate for equipment and hourly rate.

photoshoot setup

8) TS Studios

The oldest of all the studios mentioned above TS Studios are still breathing for over 20 years now located in Manchester, London, Camden and Birmingham. 

They are the UK’s leading talent support services as they do not match models with work. Rather, they are the first port of call for anyone looking to break into the industry but are unsure where to start.

business photography studio

For any sort of business, providing a product would require photography. And when it comes to selling clothing products or different kinds of other products, fashion photography is the one of the major ways to sell.

The way you portray a certain product tells a lot about how successful your business is, how much confident you are about your product and that you are trustworthy.